About Steven

Who is Steven Maoudis?

Founder and CEO of The Montana Group of companies, currently operating out of Birmingham United Kingdom.

In excess of $1 Billion in documented extra revenue is what Steven Maoudis has created for his clients by implementing business strategies that work.

Steven is recognised as one of the world's most authoritative experts on the subject of Network Marketing. Why? Very simple.........because he has single-handedly produced more results for more companies than any other professional in his Industry!

In November 2017 Steven Maoudis will celabrate 4 decades of working within the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry. Steven has a remarkable reputation for being known as one of the best-known Consultants to the Network marketing Industry and has gained the respect of many, as that of a man who has managed to do this by providing strategies that work.

The strategies Steven has created has enabled him to generate well in excess of 1 Billion Dollars) + and growing, in extra revenue for his clients over the last 30+ years alone. Steven was given the title of Mr. MLM by a leading network magazine back in 1992 and is renowned as being one of the top trainers and speakers within the Network Marketing Industry world-wide.

Steven says - "If you ask people what their greatest asset is, they will most likely say that it is their home. Well, STOP paying your mortgage for six months and then see who REALLY owns the property!" 

"Your ability to generate an income is your best asset, and once you have mastered this, if you lose EVERYTHING tomorrow you can still go out and make money".