What our customers say


“The hands on experience Steven has gained by working with such a diverse verity of different businesses, and industries has led Steven to the conclusion that ALL businesses can grow, NO matter what challenges they have .... if they understand MARKETING”.

"Without Steven's ability to take action and produce results, Neways International would not be were it is today. He is an excellent recruiter, trainer and motivator and his ability to help companies increase their turnover is well documented. The success that Neways enjoys today in the UK and Europe, is solely down to the marketing expertise and strategy of one man: Steven Maoudis"

R M Horsey International VP Sales & Marketing Neways

"Steven is an entertaining speaker and trainer that audiences love"
Tom "Big Al" Schreiter www.fortunenow.com Chairman of Vitacorp International

" Steven's strength of character, honesty and integrity coupled with his formidable selling skills are exemplary "
Sean Hussain Chairman & CEO of several Plc Companies

"I rank Steven as one of the leading presenters within the Direct Sales industry in the UK"
Barbara Saull Divisional Manager Oriflame (UK) Ltd

"For four and a half years we had NO growth, then our Distributorship grew from 48 to 2000 in just 12 months. Our monthly turnover increased from £11,000 per month to over £300,000 per month in the same period. Neways then toped sales of over £80 million per month - This was solely down to the business strategies of Steven Maoudis"

Tom Mower CEO and President Neways Inc & (UK) Ltd

"Steven's drive, leadership skills and unique training ability, makes learning from him a pleasure - his ability to get the best out of people is unequalled. Without his support and encouragement I certainly would not be where I am today.
Stephen Bourne Author and Professional Networker

"Steven has a great entertaining style which coveys the important elements of this business as well as the fun aspects"
Graeme Hossie Managing Director Life Dynamics (UK) Ltd

"From 0 to a sales force of over 2000 people selling almost Two Million pounds worth of Jewellery (wholesale) within 1 year, within 2 years we had surpassed 10,000 distributors - this was all down to the business expertise of one man - Steven Maoudis"
Peter Lawson Director Vogue No1 Jewellery Ltd

"He is the best and most experienced person in the field of Networking in this Industry - period"
Petra Doring Director & CEO Cabouchon Ltd

“He is without doubt, one of the best and most knowledgeable speaker trainers in the Industry"
Dieter Klander Managing Director Vital International Ltd

"Steven's knowledge of the Multi Level marketing Industry is exceptional; he has created a new language for this Industry that can be understood by anyone"
Richard Thomas Operations Director for Life Plus Europe Ltd

"He has the uncanny ability to get right to heart of the very issues that inspire average people to become Marketing Professionals"
Mike Lewis Chairman Peak Performance Research

"The point that came across listening to Steven's audio CD was that the secret of Networking is that there is no secret. Success comes from following simple rules & understanding the basics of the
Peter Clothier Author & Chairman of www.multilevelmarketinguk.com
"The man is awesome, he has a deep passion for his work and this passion and energy has been duplicated in our sales force"
Rocco Griffith's Director Action for Business

"Steven has phenomenal business experience combined with marketing techniques that I can only describe as unique"
Andrew Watson Director Newhall Finance

"I can categorically state that I have never seen a more entertaining or stimulating performer that Steven Maoudis"

Graham Raine Editor newspaper Network News and magazine Money Maker

"He is without exception the most energetic, entertaining and dynamic trainer on this planet"
Jacqueline Montague Professional Networker

"The best trainer on the subject of Multi Level marketing in the world"
Alan Cleet Professional Networker

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